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With much gratitude and appreciation


Dear Friend,

It is with tremendous excitement and gratitude to Hashem that we announce the completion of building the S. Jose Community Eruv. The Eruv took thousands of hours planning and arranging. At this time, we would also like to thank those who gave of their time, efforts and financial contributions to make this vision a reality:

President of the Eruv – Ephraim Lindenbaum, who devoted hundreds of hours on the Eruv project for almost ten years to bring it to this point.

Our Builders – Coastline Installation led by Ralph Farias for their professional, knowledgeable and timely

Our Lawyers - Boris Feldman, Bart Hechtman and Ignacio Salceda, who gave of their precious time and
experience pro bono for the community’s benefit.

Public Officials – Many politicians assisted us, but we owe a particular debt of appreciation to Former SJ
Councilmember Pierliugi Oliverio
, to Santa Clara Sheriff Laurie Smith, and to Santa Clara DA Jeff

Engineers – Our civil engineers, Mike Sheehy and Stephen Sherman of Ruth and Going Civil Engineers and Consulting, whose expertise was crucial for handling the many complex aspects of the Eruv.

Rabbanim – Many rabbanim assisted in the planning of the Eruv, but we particularly thank Rabbi Raphael
of Lakewood, NJ; Rabbi Avi Lebowitz, and Rabbi Yitzchok Feldman for their contributions.

We would also like to thank each individual and family whose financial contributions were the final step to
bringing this vital project to fruition. The total cost of the Eruv planning, permitting and building costs came out to approximately $500,000. And we raised that, bs’d, thanks to the very generous support of our donors!

The following individuals and families each donated at least $10,000. Thank you!

Mrs. Rachel Balter and her sister Miriam Turk (l’zecher nishmas their father Chaim Avigdor Turk)

Mr. Ephraim Lindenbaum

Dr. and Mrs. Leon Lubianker

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roberts

Mrs. and Mrs. Eli Reinhard

Mr. and Mrs. David Raccah

Mrs. Malka Reeder

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sidorovsky

Mr. and Mrs. David Zalk

Anonymous-(As a merit for a Refuah Shleima for Linda Lindenbaum, Toba bas Farha)


The following individuals and families each donated at least $5,000. Thank you!

Apple Inc.

Google Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Andy Hartman

Dr. Marvin Kirsch

Mr. Ben Mazin

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Orrin

The following individuals and families each donated at least $2,500. Thank you!

Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Adler

Mrs. Pat Bergman

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bron

Mr. and Mrs. Heshy Fried

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kaye

Rav and Rebbetzin Menachem Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Chaim Penkar

Mr. and Mrs. Meni Peretz

Mr. and Mrs. Ezequiel Singer

The following individuals and families each donated at least $1000. Thank you!


Dr. Harvey Belsky

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fagan

Rabbi and Mrs. Joey Felsen

Rabbi and Mrs. Shaye Guttenberg

Mrs. Etti Ish Shalom

Mr. and Mrs. Shiran Koriat and Ohad Baruch

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mirkin

Judge and Mrs. Brenton Rogozen

Mr. and Mrs. Donny Shapiro

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Sonnenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stolin (in memory of Baisa bas Michel and Dvorya bas Dovid)

Mrs. Joyce Tachner

The following individuals and families each donated at least $500. Thank you!

Dr. Joel and Toni Adler


Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cosden

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Feinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gallant
Mr. and Mrs. Roni Greenblum

Mr. and Mrs. Stephane Kahloun

Mr. and Mrs. Gidon Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Eliyahu Kohanteb

Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Kohanteb

Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Lagun

Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Lieberman

Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Londner

Mr. and Mrs. Avrohom Milrod

Mr. and Mrs. Eitan Napolitano

Mr. and Mrs. Michel Rynderman

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

Mrs. Evelyn Smith (l’zecher nishmas Dolly Myriam bat Ida Esther Kamami)

Mr. and Mrs. Noam Syrkin

Mr. and Mrs. Leonid Sokolovsky

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Tachner


With Much Appreciation on behalf of the S. Jose Community,

Rabbi Menachem Levine

Rav, Kehillas Am Echad

Vice President and Rabbinical Authority SJCE

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