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With much gratitude and appreciation


December 30, 2019                                                                                                                     2 Teves 5780


Dear Friend,

On Shabbos Parshas Noach, I spoke about the tremendous efforts that were made for over ten years to get an Eruv up in San Jose. All that hard work came to fruition in September 2017, when the Eruv that took thousands of hours of planning and arranging became, thank G-d, a reality.

Over the past year, bs’d, the Eruv has been up every single Shabbos. Most Shomer Shabbos residents no longer think twice about pushing a stroller, or carrying a siddur, key or bottle of wine, but without the San Jose Community Eruv, none of this would be possible.

There are a handful of individuals who are largely responsible for the weekly, monthly and annual upkeep of our area's Eruv. We owe each of them a huge debt of gratitude. A big yashar koach goes to our weekly Eruv checkers: Shiran Koriat, Asaf Bar-Tzvi, Yehuda Werdesheim, Yoni Greenblum, Menashe Taban and Miriam Shecter. They dedicate their time, often several hours a month, to checking the Eruv in all weather situations. If the situation calls for it, they travel to Home Depot for new supplies to fix the Eruv, sometimes even paying for the supplies out of their own pockets (special thanks to Tomer Klein)! All of this is done voluntarily.

Nevertheless, the eruv still has a yearly upkeep of approximately $15,000 for insurance and permits. In addition, to maintain the Eruv for long-term use, we need to spend several thousand dollars every few years to refurbish the wires and lechis of the Eruv.

This is the collective responsibility of each one of us.

Consequently, we are asking that all individuals and families that rely on the Eruv every Shabbos give an annual donation towards covering these costs. At a minimum, we request an annual contribution of $101, which is less than $2 a Shabbos, for a family to be an Eruv member.  

Other donation options are:

  • $180 Eruv Supporter

  • $260 Eruv Patron

  • $540 Silver Eruv Sponsor

  • $720 Gold Eruv Sponsor

  • $1000 Platinum Eruv Sponsor  


In appreciation, SJCE will list donors according to the level of donation on the San Jose Eruv
website, and in shul on the list below.

You can make your contribution online at or checks can be made payable
to: San Jose Community Eruv 1504 Meridian Avenue San Jose CA 95150. San Jose
Community Eruv is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. Our federal tax-exempt
number is 27-2156192. Also, note that both Apple and Google have Corporate Matching Gift
Programs with SJCE.

With Much Appreciation on behalf of the S. Jose Community,

Rabbi Menachem Levine

Rav, Kehillas Am Echad

Vice President and Rabbinical Authority SJCE

Thank you to the following individuals and families who donated:


The following individuals and families each donated at least $1,000 - Platinum Eruv Sponsor

Kevin and Tamara Fagan
Stephane and Sarah Kahloun
Shiran and Chemmi Koriat
Ephraim and Lara Lindenbaum
Ben Mazin
Apple (Matching Funds)
Google (Matching Funds)


The following individuals and families each donated at least $720 - Gold Eruv Sponsor

Shmuel and Dina Lagun

The following individuals and families each donated at least $260 - Eruv Patron

Michael and Devorah Avrukin
Chaim Galant
Dr. Marvin Kirsh
Raphael and Julie Londner
Rabbi Yosef and Rochel Platt

Michel and Sima Rynderman
Noam and Orit Syrkin
Yehuda Werdesheim

The following individuals and families each donated at least $180- Eruv Supporter

Assaf and Sarah Bar Zvi
Efraim Feinstein
Heshy and Chaya Miriam Fried
Marvin and Arlene Glazer
Rabbi Reuven and Gitty Goldstein
Ronnie and Ryna Greenblum
Dr. Andy and Leah Hartman
Jonathan and Leah Kaye
Gidon and Nathanaelle Klein
Chaim and Jimmi Roberts
Daniel and Shira Slate
Alex and Rachel Sidorovsky
Leonid and Sarah Sokolovsky
David and Janice Zalk

The following individuals and families each donated at least $101 - Membership Level

Shimshon and Ruthie Ayzenberg
Chana Bellon
Itamar and Hadassa Frankenthal
Inna Kerzhner
Yehoshua and Annie Leake
Brenton and Carolyn Rogozen
Dr. Larry Scherr

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